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Samsung Galaxy A72

Since around half of this year was spent in lockdown and self-isolation, many brands and tech companies are starting to prepare for the next year by designing and revamping many new products, tablets and smartphones. Samsung is one of the

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Samsung Works Hard to Dominate The Industry of TV Design

Every single year Samsung exerts loads and loads of effort and money in an attempt to amp up its technological innovation presented variously through its different smart devices and products. Samsung does not only focus on the technological game of

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The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + come equipped with strong tools to make users more efficient and creative. Today, Samsung Electronics has introduced numerous of these technologies, such as the AR Doodle, an integrated video editor and the link to

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Samsung Electronics today announced that it stays sixth in Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands” with a brand value of $61.1 billion, taking brand value to a 2% boost. Major factors in Samsung’s success are: Innovative products were constantly released, which adapt

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Download Instagram for Samsung Galaxy S10 today!

Samsung Galaxy S10 flaunts its Unique Instagram Mode. The variously different types of the Samsung smartphones and tablets have been attracting millions of users in an increasing pace over the last few years. The Samsung Galaxy S10 line is indeed one

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Samsung’s S10 is 2019 Wired Headphone Jack Supporter

With the growing smartphone industry, certain trends are about to vanish in the upcoming decades due to the fact that other, more modern alternatives are taking over and people all over the world are always looking for the better and

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Delayed Android Oreo Updates for Samsung Galaxy Models

It looks like Samsung Galaxy users will be getting their update for the Android Oreo OS in December. Samsung has already seeded this Oreo update for the Galaxy A8 and the Galaxy A8+, both from 2018. Specific models set to

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is officially the Fastest

When the customer hits the markets searching for the right smartphone to purchase, he, mostly, looks for a chic design, clear cameras, a durable battery life and an excellent system performance. But, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the customer

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