The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + come equipped with strong tools to make users more efficient and creative. Today, Samsung Electronics has introduced numerous of these technologies, such as the AR Doodle, an integrated video editor and the link to Windows devices, to Galaxy S10e, S10 + and S10 5G.2. This upgrade is set to be launched in European countries starting from September 23.

After users download the version to their Galaxy S10, they will realize that their pro-grade phone camera is getting even stronger. The update extends the night-mode of the phone camera which boosts the front-facing camera thus allowing users to take pictures after dusk more freely. It also presents improved video stabilization that is Incredibly Steady and supports Galaxy Note10 vibrant functionality such as AR Doodle and Live focus video recording. The first one allows users to improve clips with enjoyable, augmented-reality drawing and posts, while the latter enables consumers to use bokeh features for images captured by the front or back camera, including blur, color point, and glitch.

If Galaxy S10 users record an enjoyable clip, the camera’s new video editor, which is available on the Gallery app, provides all the tools needed for making it a nice video that can be shared. The flexible feature enables easy editing of clips like a pro and attributes easy trimming tools, stitching, speed adjustment, etc. To make your material different, you can even use the feature to add subtitles and background music to clips.

This update includes Samsung DeX PC support as well. When you install the SamsungDeX.com app you can start Samsung DeX on your PC or your Mac simply through USB cable by connecting your Galaxy S10 to your computer. Links to Windows have been added to allow Galaxy S10 users to connect their phone to their Windows 10 PC by wirelessly viewing its content, transmitting and receiving a message and synchronizing recent photos directly from their computer.

Another versatility and convenience have been made for applications that are reliant on Galaxy S10 users daily, including the Samsung pass and messages. It has now been simplified to install the Samsung Pass so it is easy for Galaxy S10 users to use advanced biometric technology on their handsets to log in fast and safely to applications and websites. New photos and video icons have been placed on the left side of the text window of the Messages app, to allow users to easily access their necessary files.

The upgrade of the Galaxy S10 illustrates Samsung’s dedication to providing more users with outstanding innovations. As explained by Jiyoung Mun, the engineer at Samsung Electronics ‘ Mobile R&D Office.

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