Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a milestone in the history of Samsung Company. It is an astral kind of has extra ordinary camera qualities with long life battery package and contain rare power with affordable packages.

Although it has been replaced by Galaxy S8, still it contains its unlimited worth if you take a look at the flagship Samsung phone in 2016. The decrease in price is seen gradually. Due to one killer feature, Galaxy S7 lag behind Galaxy S8.

Some people call Galaxy S7 as Galaxy S6S because its body and design resembles Galaxy S6.  Further research shows that makers are still working under for the improvement of designs.

If you more concentrate on the different designs of curved phones, galaxy S7 edge is winning the competition from GALAXY S7. It seems similar to what happened between S6 and S6 edge. Due to curved designs, it is colliding with screen size. Making it more phablet zone.

In the US you have to pay $199 for a two-year contract or $440 for unlocked or used Samsung Galaxy S7 price. But in UK £420 is enough to buy SIM free sets. On the other hand in Australia, SIM free price was set as AU$1149 which has now reduced to almost AU$700.

After the launch of Samsung S8, an impressive decrease in prices of Samsung S7 was seen. It is most suitable price rate for an efficient and five-star phone.

In spite of entry of newer Samsung S8 in Samsung S series, it is difficult to look at Samsung Galaxy S7. Galaxy S7 comprise of some of the basic features of Galaxy S5. And premium designs from Galaxy S6. Both them were merged in newer Galaxy Samsung S7 which was a shock for users because they were not found in successors.

Although 2016 was the threatening year for flagship cell phones, Samsung has produced some alluring features in its upcoming cell phones.

The LG G5 which was launched with the modified integrated pull but it botched. HTC 10 seems to reawaken with some of Taiwanese firm’s former glories. The iPhone 7 was successfully launched, but it lacks headphone jacks. It has a waterproof quality which matches Galaxy S7.

Even though Samsung was the first to the flagship blocks, but still it needs to compete other by keeping positions and strong points ahead to lead the competition even in upcoming years.


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