Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Absolutely Amazing Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Absolutely Amazing Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is another amazing thing which has taken the slogan of being Samsung’s favorite phone. It has ridiculously large sized screen along with other out class specs, available at a fine price.

Just what is the size of this thing? It has a 6.2-inch display which makes it the biggest Android phone you would have imagined – if you can handle it. For those who can’t handle this size, can also use the small version of the Galaxy S8 with the display size of 5.8 inches.

What makes this phone even more remarkable is its elegant curved shaped screen which had grown about 0.5 inches from the previous version of Galaxy S7, although the size of the phone is same. It has gotten a little taller, because of the Samsung familiar home button with oval shape and removal of the unnecessary bezel. Moreover, adopting the new Android means that you are upgrading the highly cut edges, the VR ready phone available. Having the amazingly best cam, with excellent display matters a lot.

It is like the glimpse of the future and in the twist of the fate for the Apple vs. Samsung, many things are expected by the latest speculations and leaks about the iPhone 8. During 2017, the Samsung continues to be a trendsetting manufacturer. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the perfect option for each one of you and because of many reasons, other than being very tall for users with small hands. Having no button for a home in physical form is a deal breaker for many of the Samsung users and their muscular memory.

Perhaps, Samsung is aware of this, because the company has made a big tune and dance regarding many features of phone including the ability of unlocking the phone with the help of eyeball – the feature which is wholly new for the Android unlock feature present in other phones, and has been performing the round since the days of smartphone started.

Unluckily, attaining the ideal conditions is never easy. At first, you need to hold the phone by placing it at the distance of 30 cm from the eyes – already the awkward thing to do when you are using the phone at the public place like the crowded bus stop – and if you wear the glasses or lens, then you are in trouble.

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