The USB Type-C Party is Changing Standards for Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

The USB Type-C Party is Changing Standards for Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Quite a few eyebrows were raised when the USB Type-C featured in the new MacBook at the beginning of this year – but the fact is that this next-generation standard for cables and ports is going mainstream quickly, and it is not unexpected that the next-generation wave of Smartphones are all adding it.

If a report from SamMobile is something to be reckoned with, that brandish of Smartphones comprises of next year’s rumored Samsung Galaxy S7. According to the site, sources are tipping the S7 Smartphone to drop microUSB for USB Type-C.

The report makes it almost certain, even though a good number of us would have predicted this was in the plans of Samsung. You will surely get a b rand new USB Typ-C cable to use with your present USB equipment added in the box, without any doubt.

Seeing is Believing

Type-C-ing is believing, as the name of the USB Type-C implies and the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are the two earliest smartphones to have USB Type-C. This particular support for the standard comes in Android with the Marshmallow update. This special technology is also present and correct with the OnePlus 2.

The restructured standard offers faster charging, faster data transfer, as well as a plug that you can insert either way up in addition to the option to use similar cable for two jobs at a time – as a result you could charge up your Smartphone even as you are sending video to a large monitor, for instance.

Nothing is validated until it is heard from Samsung, but it seems as if you will be able to charge your Galaxy S7 Smartphone from a MacBook, which is the most recent Chromebook Pixel and all other available laptops are likely to support the standard in the coming months. For now, here is all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone.

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